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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have been using the yahoomail for over 10years and was amazed when without notice or any information the account was suspended. I could not understand why and have chosen not to do anything about it until i heard and discovered that many account have been suspended in such fashion most especially from people living within my country of abode. For those who have contacted yahoo for a response you will be amazed at what was given as reasons for suspending account from my country Nigeria. From my research i was told that If you are from my country Nigeria, yahoo does not expect you to use their email account for over 10years, so any account that is over 10years old will be suspended simply because people from my region usually engage in fraudulent activities, so therefore anyone with such account will stand the risk of the account being suspended. Hence if you are using your Yahoomail account as back up for any of your important document then you need to start looking for alternate means or else you will experience all i have experienced: you may end up loosing all your important documents and files that you may not be able to retrieve. I will suggest you start looking in the direction of other email services such as gmail, aol, hotmail and the rest of the email service providers just to keep your self safe from any form of embarrassment. As the wise men said "to be fore warned is to before harmed" Just my personal experience.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Places you can visit in the northern part of Africa.

Africa is a wonderful place with regions where the various colors, creed and languages are scattered. The northern part of the region basically is occupied by the people of light skin color and most of them are descendant of the Arab tribe. Some of the countries in the northern part of Africa includes; Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad, and Libya. All these countries speak the French and Arabic languages. Most of them have border lines close to either Europe or the Middle East.

Landmarks and tourist attractions

These countries have important places that can be referred to as landmarks and tourist attractions that are worth paying a visit to at least once in a lifetime. I want to believe that Africa is the cradle of civilization that is why developments in Egypt cannot be ignored. That is why there are very unique places of interest and archeological interest in the land of Egypt.

Interesting places in Egypt

A mention of Egypt will not be complete without mentioning the Pharaoh that ruled the ancient countries in the past. We will also not be doing justice to the land without mentioning those things achieved by these Pharaohs during their reign. One of the Pharaoh that achieved greatness in Egypt was Ramesses II. He was the one that created the amazing edifice that made Abu Simbel a place of importance in Egypt; this is because of the two temples carved out from sandstone cliffs near River Nile. These temples have been in existence over 3 millenniums ago.

Some other important places to visit in Egypt are the famous pyramids located at Giza some few kilometers south of Cairo. These pyramids are so famous that even Hollywood cannot ignore films shots on these locations. These important pyramids made Egypt a very important place in tourist attractions all over the world. These over 100 pyramids were the tombs of dead Pharaohs in the ancient past. They also served as altars through which food sacrifices were offered to the dead pharaohs many years after they have died.

An example of the pyramids is the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu a.k.a Pharaoh Cheops which happens to be the greatest of all the pyramids.

Your visit to Egypt will be incomplete if you fail to pay a visit to the Sphinx. This is the site of the great statue of half human and half lion. This statue is regarded as one of the largest and oldest statue in the world.

If you are in Egypt then please take time out to visit the valleys of the kings. This place is so called because it is the place where kings and nobles were buried in tombs. These burial rites took place in the 16th and the 11th centuries BC. This valley is located on the west bank of the river Nile near Luxor. Archaeological antiquities can be discovered from this site that became very famous in 1922 when the tomb of Tutankhamum was discovered without any alterations in the way it was laid. A visit to Karnak a place located very close to Luxor will bring you to one of the largest temples sites in the whole of Egypt. This is because three main temples where merged together. You will also get to see the temple of Amun the largest and the most impressive temple in the whole of Egypt.

Egypt is just one of the beautiful countries in the north of Africa; imagine what is left to be discovered in the other countries in this region. Your guess is as good as mine.

Places you can visit in Africa

Africa: the best continent on the face of the Universe. I know many people will argue this fact with me but whatever you choose to say, I believe I have the right to my on opinion and maybe by the time I line out my reasons to support my believe then I might be able to convince you to feel the same way I feel about the continent called Africa. I am proudly African.

What makes Africa the best continent on the face of the Universe?

Countries in Africa: there are over fifty beautiful and easy to live in countries in Africa and they are; Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameron, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. These countries have gone through the pre-colonization, colonization and post-colonization periods, all these have contributed in forming and shaping what can be referred to as the culture and traditions of these various countries. Despite all that was taken away by the colonial masters, Africa still remains a very wealthy continent save for bad leadership in the various regions in Africa.

The things that makes Africa a unique place to visit

The clement weather; the weather in the various part of Africa from the north to the south and the east to the west is the best around the world; the rainy season, the sunny and every other season in Africa agree with the people living in the continent. This is a continent that has recorded the least natural disaster compared to the other part of the world.

The natural resources: One thing that is wonderful about the continent of Africa is the level and quantity of natural resources that has been deposited in the various part of the continent. There is no continent in the entire world that can lay claim to these level or quantity of resources. Apart from oil that has become a common commodity of the whole world, there are also many other resources that the whole world will kill to get. Talk about the Gold, Diamond (the blood diamond all over the world especially in Europe and the Americas), the Bauxite, the Ore, Cocoa deposit and many other deposits on the continent.

The People: I have seen people from all around the world but the friendliest and accommodating of all resides in Africa. Africa is where we have the sense of community, a place where you will always have people to care for you even when they are not even members of your family. A place where you can wake up in the middle of the night and ask your neighbor for help, a place where you can miss a friend and decide to pay a visit without prior notice and you will be welcomed with open arms. Give me the name of another continent where this obtains and you will be able to prove me wrong.

The Languages and Colors: There are thousands of languages in the continent of Africa and also people of various colors and identity depending on the location of the country and the country that is responsible for the colonization of the territory, but despite this there is Unity in our Diversity. The more the languages we speak in Africa, the more the unity on the continent. The more the colors of the people, the more the love expressed from the heart of the people, one to another. Some of these languages includes but not limited to French, Arabic, English, Spanish, Tigrinya, Amharic, Portuguese, Sesotho, Swahili, Afrikaans, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo, and many more. These are just the major languages in Africa and there are many more languages apart from these that are spoken locally in Africa.

Regions in Africa; Africa is a continent divided into 5 major regions. These regions are the north, south, east, west and the central Africa. These regions are made of countries and these countries make the continent tick. They have a lot of places than can be referred to as tourist attractions and these places have a lot to do with the evolution and development of the continent. Some of these places includes but not limited to the following;

1. Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
2. Abu Simbel a wonderful place in Egypt
3. The Victoria Falls located between the Zambia and Zimbabwe border
4. The great pyramids in Egypt
5. Obudu cattle ranch in Nigeria.
6. Fish RiverCanyon in Namibia
7. Okavango Delta in Botswana
8. Yankari Game Reserve
9. ParcNationalNyungweForest
10. MozambiqueIsland

These are some of the Places you can visit in Africa. I have heard of the expression “visit Paris and die” this is because of the beautiful places in Paris. Well, I am also telling you that you are not complete until you have been able to Visit some of these places in Africa. No matter what people have been saying about Africa; either positive or negative, you can only confirm or reject your belief only and only if you take your time to visit this wonderful continent; Africa, a land flowing with milk and honey.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to manage change IV

Take action before implementation of the change

You will need to be adequately prepared before you implement any form of change in your organization. You will need to make sure that adequate resources are available in your organization. Create a healthy environment because healthy people will easily adapt to changes and also deal with such. When you are in a leadership position you must be able to convince people and this can easily be done when you have track records of great achievement in dealing with people through the decisions you have taken, this will be handy when you are dealing with difficult situations in any organization. The preparation therefore involves good leadership that aims at preparing the foundation for any form of change.

Leadership must be focused and practical.

When change is announced the success of it depends on the part played by the leader. This is because the organization will go through a period of complete transformation which may lead to a lot of instability. Many of the subordinates will go through a period of fear which may result into low productivity, confusion and often times a partial emotional breakdown. This is because it is always very difficult to accept a feeling of loss and an uncertain future. That is why the leader must be ready to understand the feeling going on around within the organization and must be ready to acknowledge that such feelings needs to be addressed.

Working adequately with the subordinate on how to create a feeling of understanding amongst the workers, about the new change that has taken place and how to move forward with the change is required in a good leader whether you are heading a business or you are in government. You must know the period when your people are going through pains so that you can easily address this and also know when to let them know that it is time to move forward.

The period after the change has taken place.

Though you have successfully implemented the change required in your organization, you still need to make sure that you are still close to the people the change might have affected. You will be able to know if the emotional tension has reduced and that the situation around you has become more stable than it was before and during the implementation of the change. You need to know if your people are now adjusting to the new way of life in the new dispensation. Effective leadership will make your subordinates agree to follow your steps as you move them forward in this new dispensation. A failure to do this might lead to doom for your organization.

Portraying the picture of a better future and working earnestly to meet the requirement of this future will bring you closer to your subordinates

Changes in society, businesses and even in policy have brought mighty men, leaders and even government to her kneels. Carefully taken steps by leaders during period of change may increase productivity of your workers but if your steps are taken roughly then you should wait for the poor results that will be inevitable. Do all you can to understand what is needed during times of change and you will be amazed at how well you can handle situations.

How to manage change III

Leadership and change

Any form of change that is taking place in any organization will fail if there are no effective leaders in such organization. The management of such an organization will do well if it can apply the necessary tools it is being paid for in the successful implementation of the change. You should expect that that this process will be painful, traumatic and even negative. That is why you need to expect a lot resistance because the change will definitely affect the lives of everyone working in that organization.

Leadership is as important as the air that you breathe in the successful implementation of change. The ability, competence and the respect and credibility that the management commands from their subordinates will go a long way in the success of the change. There are ways or paths through which you and your subordinates can follow to get through any difficulty that might be encountered through this process of change.

Importance of leadership

The effects of change can be easily overcome when the leadership is up to task. This will be noticed through the faith the subordinates have in the leaders during the times of change. The faith will be renewed through effective communication, sensible planning and timely effective decision making. You need to show to your subordinates that you understand their plight and that they could count on your support during this period. When the level of trust between the two is on the increase then there will be hope that the future is going to be very bright and the negative effects of the change can be easily overcome.

Poor leadership

When the leadership of any organization is poor then response to change by employees will be negative. This is because employees will not be able to trust the leadership and will expect nothing positive from them. The impact of change on any organization cannot be ignored that is why the leadership must be ready to create and environment that is conducive to all that are involved in the process of change.

Your process of change should be handled from before the implementation, during the implementation and even after the implementation. That is why you need to have the basic knowledge of handling change, so that when it occurs you will be able to effectively handle it.

How you can manage change II

Stages of resistance to change

Anger and resistance is the next stage that people exhibit towards change. This usually occurs when people can no longer deny that change is inevitable. If you are a manager you will need to make sure that you know how to manage this particular stage, this is because this stage is the most critical stage in the process of change and if poorly handle it may affect the proper implementation of the change. You will need to come to a state of understanding, act as a true leader so as to move your followers from this stage to the next one. Ones you fail in your leadership capabilities then you can kiss the change good bye.

Your success in this stage of anger and resistance will lead to the next stage which is Exploration and acceptance. This stage will take place after the change has been seen to be an inevitable occurrence. Your followers will now tends towards exploring the change and steps will be taken towards accepting the change. You should now expect your followers to express their opinions about the change and your can also expect them to join you in planning on the change and how to make the best use of the change that has taken place. Their open-mindedness should be seen as a positive development and they will therefore participate in the process of change.

The final stage in the process of change is Commitment. This is when you expect the willing attitude from your followers and efforts will be made towards the success of the change. You will now notice that your followers or subordinates are now adapting to the change and are ready to make it work. Though not all change will be acceptable to your subordinates but ones your particular kind of change has been accepted then the success of your organization will be upper most in their mind

The steps above are necessary for change and ones this stages are missing in your process of change then you need to worry because you will not be able to deal with these reactions that are necessary in situations of change. Any reactions that are not dealt with might lead to the failure of your organization. Do not assume that all will be well without facing the reality of the possible resistance to the change process.

How you can manage change

It is a common saying that change is a constant thing in life. Despite the truthfulness in this saying people still find it difficult to adapt to change. Change can take place in the home front, country or even in the place of work. You will prove to be a success if you are able to manage the way people around respond to change. It will be a wrong assumption to believe that people around you will easily adapt to changes without any opposition, it is always very easy for people to hate what they do not know or understand. It is therefore in your place to make them understand these changes.

Why do people reject change?

People will often reject to change when they feel that their comfort place is being threatened. It is always very difficult when you feel that your familiar situation is going to change. That is why you need to make sure that whoever the change will affect must be made to understand the reasons for the change and make them to embrace this change in the most reasonable and effective way. There are stages in the way people understand change, as a leader or a manager you will need to understand these stages and also understand the way it affects the people and you also need to caution yourself so that you will not over react when you notice resistance in your followers.

Noticeable processes in changes

When the HIV/AIDS disease was first isolated, there were many reactions toward this revelation from the people. Some people refuse to believe that this disease is real, in my own country it was believed that the disease was just and invention by the Americans to discourage sex hence, the meaning given to AIDS as American invention to discourage sex. This is simply because people refuse to change the way they live their sexual life. Some even said that the disease does not exist, that they will only believe if they see someone dying of the disease. This is called a state of denial. This is usually the first way through which people react to change.
Why do people deny change?

One major fact that has been established for denial is the issue of fear. This is because people tend to exhibit fear towards any form of prospective change and this makes it difficulty for any form of planning towards the future.